How It Works

Setting up a complimentary assessment is easy,  a representative will set up a viewing directly with you. All questions and concerns will be answered. We understand that each job is unique and for that reason we spend as much time as needed in order to create a process  & strategy to fit your individual needs.

Once we have developed a process we will revert back to you with the quotation suited to your situation - we take the time to explain your quotation and point out any concerns that you may have overlooked.

Our main concern throughout the job is the client. All items that are of value such as collectibles, jewelry, guns, or paperwork are discussed before team arrival. All money found will be reported and saved for the client and/or family.

If at any stage something is found that we feel is important and was not previously discussed, the client will be contacted before further action is taken.

  • Sorting and removal services
  • Locating valuable items and documents
  • Other items are sorted into donations and trash
  • A general clean is always included, however more advanced deep cleaning can be provided