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 We take a non-judgmental approach to

restoring the quality of life for hoarders 

and their families.

We embrace a compassionate role to bring 

peace of mind, through peace of home.

We handle the possessions and the hearts of our clients while understanding the 

human beyond the clutter. 

About Us


Hoarding Solutions & Clean Outs is a female owned, San Diego company that handles hoarding, 

clutter, sorting, cleaning, and packing. 

We have years of experience in social services, hoarded homes, and creating a safe home environment. 

Our teams are trained and educated in working with unique situations, 

while considering the emotions and other psychological components of hoarding disorder.

We collaborate with Social Workers, Discharge Planners, Realtors, Fire Departments, Adult Protective Services, 

Fiduciaries, and Estate Planners, which allows us to offer extended support throughout the process.

Each home is approached with delicate care in the recovery of documents, valuables, and collectibles.  

Our business model is different, we are NOT like the TV show. 

We do not exploit our clients. There is NO judgment or humiliation from us. 

We actually SORT through all of your items and allocate them to either donation or discard. 

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Members of the National Association of Professional Organizers

Mental Health Association of San Francisco

Better Business Bureau

Institute for Challenging Disorganization

Certificate in Care Mgmt.

Proudly serving San Diego County


Each and every client is different. 

We work with the utmost care and compassion. 

We are discreet throughout the process.

We provide social service consulting for the client 

and family during this transition.


We specialize in hoarded homes with senior citizens. 

Our services include: declutter, packing, sorting, organizing and creating a safe home environment. 

We can assist during a time of crisis. 


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